Monday, February 20, 2006


Doctor Who Fun in Cambridge

My back’s gradually getting better and I’m feeling less grumpy, so I’m getting up to date here; I’ve added an index to my posts so you don’t have to scroll through the lot, I’ve replied to a few more comments and, having had a go at one of last week’s big political events, I’d like to turn to something much more entertaining. A week ago visited friends in Cambridge (seat of the splendid David Howarth), watching a selection of Doctor Who stories – The Ice Warriors, The Deadly Assassin, Arc of Infinity and The Curse of Fenric – and eating lots of snack-sized Scotch eggs. Quite one of the best ways you can spend a Sunday, in other words.

It was the lovely Simon and Barry’s intention to fit in something from each Doctor – a bit tricky in a day, as there are ten of them – and so we arrived during something from the Second, and saw the Fourth, Fifth (and sort of the Sixth) and Seventh before we had to set off home. On the off-chance you don’t know, the Doctor’s an alien, a traveller in time and space who prefers to see the Universe and fight oppression than stay at home with his stodgy, dodgy people, the Time Lords. When fatally wounded, his body explodes into a new life, and a new actor. You might know these ones as Patrick Troughton, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy, or the small one, the one with the scarf, the blond one, the shouty one and the other small one. Anyway, I’m very fond of them all, and fond of several of the stories we watched too, so for anyone tuning into this blog for more Doctor Who than politics – though still with a bit of politics – you’re about to get your wish…

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