Thursday, April 06, 2006


And in Other News...

Having been variously away, busy and unwell, I've got rather behind in my blogging (barring last minute incitements to watch the telly), but I've kept up with odd snippets on which others have blogged faster and better:

Most disturbing Most surprising Sadly only the most recent story of British freedom and justice
Most uplifting news
Most eye-watering example of Lib Dem self-immolation

And not forgetting...
Best recipe
Best expensive CGI effects

The blog that didn't bark: unaccountably, I've yet to see an enthusiastic welcome for the new Lib Dem Deputy Leader on Reflecting Britain ;-) Had Simon Hughes, say, been elected Leader, I might have seen the case for electing a safe, talented, incisive, elderly man from the Lib Dem right, but as we've already got one of those (and in the absence of a talented female candidate for variety) I'd have voted like a shot for Matthew Taylor, who is one of the few Lib Dem MPs I've seen come out clearly ahead under a full Paxman barrage and has a superb grip on the big picture of policy and philosophy, as well as hailing from a sufficiently different strand of Liberalism and, indeed, age group to our new ruling grandees to have given a bit of balance to the ticket.

Thank you for my Awards, Daddy.

Does "CGI" stand for Cuddly Gonk Image?
Matthew Taylor wouldn't still have answered to the need to have more women in prominent roles. I was really disappointed that Susan Kramer didn't stand.
You're welcome, Millennium!

And everyone knows you created your lush lunar landscape through "Genuine Concept Imagineering".

As for the Deputy Leadership; I don't think even two people are ever going to be able to be the 'answer' to reflecting Britain. I'd have been very enthusiastic for Susan, too, if she'd stood, but there are generational issues - for example - as well as gender ones, and on that score Matthew's about a decade younger than Susan, and two decades younger than Ming (though, as I mentioned, there are other issues to consider too!).

I have to admit I was more disappointed with the Shadow Cabinet than with the failure of any women to stand for Deputy - that's the real opportunity for the party to build up a balanced profil, with so many talented women around, and I think Ming was right to announce in advance he'd be promoting them but then fumbled it. The first day's coverage was on the 'top' jobs - all men - and then the whole group the next day did indeed increase the number of women, but only to four, which really didn't match up to Ming's pre-publicity...
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