Thursday, April 13, 2006


Doctor Who Preview RIGHT NOW

Oh, I've sinned - all these weeks avoiding spoilers, and right now we're watching a fantastic three-minute preview montage. If you have Freeview, go to BBC1 right now and press the red button - it's fab (and on constant rotation for the time being...)!

Particularly what - avoiding humungous spoilers - Sarah and Rose say. We high-fived.

I'm really very excited indeed.

Now I have to pretend to forget it all until the episodes come round.

I was going to email you about it, but it was so spoilerific that I thought you'd prefer not to know :)

The Cybermen were the least impressive of the monsters in the preview, IMHO. That scene with Rose and Sarah is just fab.
Thanks Will! But trailers don't count as spoilers...

I know, I know, it's like not counting the calories in chocolate. But there is a difference between looking at little works of art designed to whet the appetite and just swallowing whatever gossip is ladled out with an unedifying splat. Besides, after all those months of avoiding spoilers, now at the last I'm starting to feel like a monk in a brothel. I just can't help looking!

I think the monsters are mixed - but it's all put together enormously well, and looks great. I'm now wondering just in how many ways the third episode is going to be a tribute to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, too (I'm on about five and counting).
It’s back on today, by the way, and was still playing until after 1am last night – well after the ‘red button’ stopped listing it – so for future reference:

If you have Freeview, you can see ‘Red Button’ features simply by dialling up channels 301, 302 or 303 (this one’s been on 302).

If you have a creaky old OnDigital box that can pick up Freeview (unsurprisingly) but won't update its channels any more, like the one we have on the spare TV, try channels 701-703 instead.
I watched it on 302, although it had gone this afternoon. I'm not sure why it was on or if it was a mistake as the lack of New Earth content suggests it should have been on afterwards...
Well, we've had 28x01. Fabtastic.
Well I liked the Cybermen. Always my favorite and this time with a twist;-)

Overall it looks fantastic.
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