Saturday, April 01, 2006


I'm Officially Very Excited

(Sound of TARDIS materialising)

Think you’ve seen it all?

Think again.

Outside those doors, we might see anything.
We could find new worlds –
Terrifying monsters –
Impossible things.
And if you come with me…
Nothing'll ever be the same again.

“Come on. Let’s go!”

Doctor Who
Coming soon to BBC1.

It looks great, too. Richard: “Is that the first time in history that a trailer has had a sequel?”

Thirteen days, twenty-three hours, thirty-five minutes to go. Not that I'm counting...

And the Cybermen are coming!


And Sarah Jane.

And K9.

Bliss ...
Groovy, innit?

Though I'm quite excited by nuns.

Sarah and K9 aren't in this trailer, of course, even though there seem to be three versions of it - running at 60, 40 and 20 seconds. The '20' is a bit garbled; the '60' has more monsters (it's the only one with a Cyberman in it, depending on the angle at which you squint at the scary green coffin-like bays - are they a bit The Ark in Space, carrying sleeping colonists, perhaps, or a bit The Tomb of the Cybermen?).

Yesterday I even saw a trailer for the new CBBC promo programme, complete with two young presenters with scary hair, and one for a TARDISODE, which seemed rather tacky ('spend lots of money on your mobile with the BBC!' Nah).
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