Thursday, April 06, 2006


The News of the World Defends Privacy…

…but the only person in the land they think is entitled to it is one of their scummy provocateurs. Not that they’re in any way hypocritical. They’ve taken out an injunction – a ‘Mary Bell’ Order, no less, unprecedented outside of murder cases – against George Galloway, who spotted that their ‘Fake Sheikh’ attempted to entrap him, to prevent him from publishing photos of the man. I know, I know, the News of the Screws vs George Galloway; given the question, surely most people would answer “Can’t I just pretend I didn’t see either of them in the burning building?” It seems bizarre that this injunction to protect a ‘journalist’ from having his photo published was ever granted, but it appears to have expired (hurrah). Guido and Bloggerheads have published photos of the Fake, in an astounding array of accoutrements to baffle and bewilder, while Mr Galloway has sent pictures of him to every MP and members of the Windsor Family. I can’t stand the MP for next to where I live, but that made even me laugh.

With this and various recent political stories, I return to musing that British society would be so much happier and more liberal if some dubious billionaire became a media tycoon and mounted ruthless exposés on the sex and drug habits of every single employee of News International. Obviously I'd be shocked by such a thing, but if you happen to know any dubious billionaires, do give them a call...

They've not actually got an injunction. It's merely a temporary injunction to ensure it's not pointless having the full hearing by the time they got round to it.
Ah but it will be - the number of blogs hosting the picture doubles every few minutes right now!
Readers should not be afraid of their newspapers, journalists should be afraid of their readers.
Thanks for the clarification - though it still seems bizarre the judge thought there was even a case to answer (and appalling the Screws tried it on).

Well done for the posting, Steve (and Guido, of course) - I didn't notice the pledge until this morning, by which time Mr Murdoch had already put up the white flag ;-)
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