Monday, May 01, 2006


School Reunion (Early Draft)


SARAH: He took me to the far, far future, and –
ROSE: – And it was the end of the Earth!
(They stare at each other. Beat)

SARAH: I met this terrifying robot, but –
ROSE: – But I was the only one who realised it had feelings, too!
(They stare at each other. Beat)

SARAH: We even went to this great big space station, and then –
ROSE: – And then found ourselves back there in a different time, when we were travelling with this cute military guy too.
(They stare at each other again)

ROSE: Does the cheesy bastard take us all on the same dates, or what?

The things that pop into your head when you’re awake with toothache (again)…

Wasn’t School Reunion lovely? First Doctor Who on TV I’ve ever cried at (though I wept buckets at one of the books). I might even review it when I get a non-zombied day. Hat-tip to Simon Guerrier for the idea of an extra scene, when he solved a niggling mystery from the brilliant Tooth and Claw. But he's not the only clever one. Oh no (sleepy wink, taps nose). Coming soon: I reveal Russell's secret message across the new season of Doctor Who.

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