Friday, June 30, 2006


Whine, Whine, Whine. How Scared Were They?

(Shrug) They won, and they’re still whining about it. Have you ever seen them so scared?

Mr Cameron’s probably not very wise to start whinging about how unfair the Lib Dems are. He must be very scared about how badly the other Tories are taking his first big disaster at the top. I guess they think he’s a bit too Line of Beauty – wealthy, looks good, but a bit vacuous and too busy, er, having a good time to put the work in. But he’s the sort that’s got to say it’s all someone else’s fault, isn’t he?

The thing is, in politics, whining when you lose never gets you very far. But whining when you win? That’s a new one. Mr Cameron is obviously scared and upset because so many former Conservative voters don’t like him, but I don’t think making up stories that ‘It’s not fair’ will do him much good.

The Tories’ rich paymasters always gave them millions upon millions of pounds more than the Lib Dems have ever had. Particularly when they didn’t have to tell anyone about them! But the Tories thought that was all right.

There have always been newspapers that’ll give the Tories as much free publicity as they want, while the Lib Dems don’t have any. But the Tories thought that was all right.

The electoral system is fixed in the Tories’ favour, so they’re handed twice as many MPs for the votes they get as the Lib Dems get. But the Tories thought that was all right.

In Bromley, the Lib Dems thought the Tory candidate was greedy, just because he wanted to have four paid-up jobs and lied about it. And he is. But the Tories whinged that it wasn’t fair.

In Bromley, the Lib Dems thought the Tory candidate wasn’t local, just because he lives several boroughs away across London from Bromley. And he isn’t. But the Tories whinged that it wasn’t fair.

Who’s not fighting fair, and who’s just whinging because they can’t take it when someone else works harder?

Meanwhile, Steve Guy’s blog reminds me how Mr Cameron has shown us all what a really dirty fight looks like, while Richard Huzzey gives a bit of perspective on how the Tories say everyone should be held to the highest standards (rightly) – except themselves, of course, as they don’t think any rules apply to them. Read how they even created completely false ‘rape’ smears without a word of apology and disgusted even other Tories. And, yes, I was more even-handed this morning. But an arrogant Tory and his even more arrogant Leader crying wolf because the voters, not the Lib Dems but the voters, gave them a nasty scare instead of all just lying back and taking it when the Tories took them for granted… That turns my stomach. How can they be so full of themselves and such wimps at the same time?

Good to have you back blogging, and very much on form.
Awwhh, thanks, Peter. Very kind of you.

Always good to see your blog for some scientific rigour, too.
Great to see someone effectively showing how empty the Tory cries of "foul" were during & after Bromley
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