Saturday, July 08, 2006


Wasn’t That Brilliant?

Time for my one hundredth post, and after questions from literally ones of correspondents, I was going to explain the philosophy behind the title ‘Love and Liberty’. Sod that; it’ll keep ‘til 200. The Doctor Who season finale tonight was too fantastic not to get immediate praise. We loved it. A superb, heartbreaking, inspiring exit for Rose, and a suitably epic story that, this time, didn’t disappoint at all (and of course Daleks trounced Cybermen). We cheered, too, when the Black Dalek wisely ordered the other million Daleks to exterminate the Doctor but, just in case, activated his ‘scarper’ button. He’ll be back…

Thank goodness we’ve got Robin Hood and Torchwood coming before Christmas, or we’d be gnawing our own arms off in frenzy for more Doctor Who after Doomsday.

Now Richard and I aim to eat an enormous Indian meal we’ve just ordered in celebration. And a Dalek cake.

So, was the Black Dalek called Zeg? I know that name :-)

God, that was a brilliant episode - the only bit I didn't like was the very end, when Catherine Tate's far too familiar face popped up. Just hope she doesn't get too much screen time in The Runaway Bride (fat chance!)
Oddly enough, I've never liked what I've seen of Ms Tate's comedy, but I thought the "What?!" ending was inspired. It was exactly what we needed to jolt us out of moping over Rose for six months.

And as I wasn't a fan of Billie Piper's music, either, but she blew me away on screen, I'll wait to see what her acting's like before I judge it...
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