Tuesday, December 26, 2006


That Post-Christmas, Post-Who Satisfied Feeling

A happy Christmas Day saw a fabulous dinner with Richard’s parents, a visit to mine, and of course lots of Doctor Who. Not just The Runaway Bride – enormous fun, if without quite the edge of last year’s, with a splendid spider (shame it didn’t move about more) and the most thrillingly hilarious chase of the year – but a special on the music, and a free concert looping round on the red button. Should you have missed it, it’s back tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Today Programme reports that Labour loses a member every twenty minutes. Coo. Is it Paul Marsden?

I hope you had as enjoyable a Christmas, and are sinking into your armchairs this morning with plenty of chocolate to hand. A very replete Boxing Day to you.

Love the Paul Marsden reference!

Hope all's well with you & let's catch up properly in 2007!

I agree the Empress should have been more mobile! The chase sequence with the TARDIS / taxi was gripping stuff and the scene when the Dr flooded the spider's nest was actually pretty disturbing, as the Empress screamed "My babies!" and the Dr just stood there impassively. Shows that the only course of action isn't necessarily the best one.

Hope you had a fabulous Xmas too.
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