Thursday, May 03, 2007


Good Luck If You’re a Candidate, and Be Sure to Vote Even If You’re Not!

The very best of luck to all Liberal Democrats standing for election today across Scotland, Wales and England. With London curiously quiet, I’ll be doing some telephone knocking-up, which is less exciting but also warmer than a brisk tramp about the streets.

If you’re somewhere that has elections today, please get out and vote… Ideally for your local Liberal Democrat, but voting for someone else is much better than not voting at all.

Meanwhile, if you’re too eager for polling news to wait until tonight, or (understandably) fear that Mr Dimbleby will send you to sleep, here’s a placebo. Yesterday I wrote an analysis of the Britain-wide opinion polls during April for Liberal Democrat Voice, so if you want to pore over some sheep’s entrails, please read.

If you need a reminder of which parties do and don’t deserve your vote, too, and don’t have a local leaflet to hand, Lib Dem Voice also has a national (indeed international) hint for you. Whichever way you incline, do use your vote – or how will you be able to complain afterwards about whoever gets in?

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You missed my favorite Alex slogan for elections

"Power corrupts, absolute power's fun..."
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