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What I Think of Jim Davidson’s Whingeing ‘Victim’ Act (go on, guess)

Paul Walter yesterday stirred a hornets’ nest with a Liberal Burbling on the self-destruction of Jim Davidson, who has bleated:
“What about white, straight, Anglo-Saxon males like me? Who cares about us? Where do we go?”
I didn’t see any of Hell’s Kitchen, but I’ve found this man a loathsome, repellent bigot for about as long as I can remember; from my teens, I remember people being bullied with his ‘jokes’ (possibly including me, but the details go hazy at my age), and in his latest outbursts demanding pity and blaming political correctness he has, as ever, missed the point. “What about white, straight, Anglo-Saxon males like me? Who cares about us? Where do we go?” What a tosser. Just like everyone else, you should be judged not on what you are, but on what you say and do. That means that just like anyone else, if you’re worth caring about, people will care about you. Just like anyone else, you belong here. But just like everyone else, if you act like a git or judge people entirely on their skin, sex or sexuality, you can no longer expect not to be called on it. An awful lot more white, straight, Anglo-Saxon males than he imagines would treat his tick-box co-option into “us” with revulsion. I’ve never heard anyone say they dislike him because he’s a white, straight, Anglo-Saxon male; but I know plenty of white, straight, Anglo-Saxon males who dislike him because he’s Jim Davidson.

His ‘humour’ has always been based on a vision of “white, straight, Anglo-Saxon male” supremacy and putting down everyone who doesn’t meet all of those requirements. Now it’s the 21st Century and a lot of us (white or not, straight or not, Anglo-Saxon or not, male or not) are answering back, like every bully he whinges, pretends to be the victim, and then claims he didn’t mean it. What he’s complaining about is not that anyone wants to do down “white, straight, Anglo-Saxon males.” He’s no victim. He’s just outraged and terrified now no-one gives the time of day to his belief that those qualities alone entitle him to treat everyone else like dirt and have us all thank him for it. He demands special rights. He demands special treatment. And he screams especially loudly when he doesn’t get them any more. The only reason that Mr Davidson might feel he has to “go” anywhere is because he’s not willing to share space with everyone else here; and that, Mr Davidson, makes you a frustrated bully, not any kind of victim. It’s a tough life, Mr Davidson, but if you can’t take it, you shouldn’t dish it out.

The craven coward Mr Davidson and his whining apologists blame this on some alien “political correctness”. Rubbish. It’s a from a much older and very British set of values that are now receiving a much wider airing: tolerance; fair play; standing up for the underdog; simple good manners. I was a boy back in the 1970s, before ‘alternative comedy’ started the backlash against the nasty, mean-spirited ‘comedy’ of the likes of Mr Davidson, and long before the term “political correctness” was ever coined. When I was a boy, I’m quite sure that if my Mum and Dad had heard me taunting someone for being different, on whatever grounds, I’d have been told off in no uncertain terms. That’s bullying. That’s rude. That’s just plain nasty. And while in days gone by some nasty, rude bullies were celebrated, standing up to them has also always been a British value, and one to be proud of.

As I’m American as well as British – yes, my Mum’s an immigrant – no doubt this is the point at which Mr Davidson would tell me to get back to where I came from. Like most of the people he’d say that to, I was of course born here. Like most people in the current century, it would never occur to me to tell anyone I disagree with they have to “go” anywhere. We expect people to be able to disagree and still live together. Besides, for Mr Davidson to ‘go back to where he came from’ wouldn’t need a boat; it would need a time machine.

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"“What about white, straight, Anglo-Saxon males like me? Who cares about us? Where do we go?”"

We go almost everywhere, with relative impunity. Just as everyone should be able to do, but can't.
The difference between the row on Paul Walter's blog and stirring up a hornet's next is that even though hornets are small little creatures which are easy to destroy, they aren't so chicken shit that they go around buzzing behind the veneer of anonymity.

You do hornets a disservice with that remark (although I don't deny that those anonymongs are probably WASPs).
Thank you, David! I must give you an extra-big hug and kiss next time I see you (in a very manly way, obviously, as you always do).

And a good point, James. Sorry to hornets. I feel I must apologise to tossers, too; wanking is perfectly natural and fun, and also far more wholesome than watching Jim Davidson.
Forget Jim Davidson..Forget his act...that's meaningless.
The issue is honesty. I find Brian Dowling repulsive.His effeminate, exagerated, screaming little queen act repulsive. I find homosexual sex repulsive. Sex with animals....repulsive. Anything to do with excrement, urine, blood.....repulsive. I want to be able to say that without some mollycoddled, middle class apologist'how do I justify my Priveliged, wealthy, healthy higher educated, worthless, non-productive existence tosser telling me I've got issues of Tolerance or Inclusion or whatever the'buzz' word is. Fuck Off you sad loser and get a real life.
I'm White( and like Blacks, Proud), Anglo-Saxon( a fine heritage second to none, the product of 40,000years of breeding)Hetero( straight, normal, as nature it what u like)but not Fat, in fact slim, athletic:)and guess what... I simply can't apologise for that, much as you'd like me to. I don't buy into this everyone has to accept everything bollocks. I know exactly what I find acceptable or I will tolerate and I don't need the society wreckers at the BBC or in the Guardian or in the press to try to convince me otherwise. Where's your 'Multi-cultural' policy now you thick cunts. Up the Swanny, that's where. Let's invite 3million illiterate savages who hate western society to live on the council estates. Thanks a lot you morons. Hope you get mugged, carjacked and stabbed with a syringe. See how you like it.
You don’t get out much, do you?

I feel sorry for you. It must be so hard forcing yourself out long enough to stagger to the pub without flying into psychotic rages or projectile vomiting at the sight of anyone slightly different from you. And you must be so tormented by all those thoughts you’re having of men doing things with each other, again and again…

Or maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps it’s not the drink. Maybe your Mum’s just grounded you again.

Thank goodness those of us who can get along without spending every second consumed with incoherent hate of all we see have time to have lives (even though I’m neither healthy nor wealthy). Your “honesty” of expression seems to go as far as setting up fake Blogger accounts with which to swear anonymously at strangers.
God, if you think someone as comparatively butch as Brian Dowling is "effeminate, exaggerated, screaming little queen" you should go to Lib Dem conference. To me he just seems, um, normal.

I also think that if you sign off a comment with the statement "hope you get mugged, carjacked and stabbed with a syringe" I don't think you are in any position to accuse anyone else of being queeny. Are you aware how camp that sounds? Get her!
"I want to be able to say that without some mollycoddled, middle class apologist'how do I justify my Priveliged, wealthy, healthy higher educated, worthless, non-productive existence tosser telling me I've got issues of Tolerance or Inclusion or whatever the'buzz' word is."

Fair enough. We all have things we want, but can't have [1]. You're going to have to settle for being able to say it, and living with the reaction.

In that way, neither you nor I gets to shut the other one up, nor should we be able to. You should be able to say that you find homosexual sex disgusting and, guess what, you can, although doing it in this particular blog and expecting no-one to comment is touchingly naive. What you can't do is force no-one else to say anything in reply.

As you presumably are a privileged, wealthy, healthy, higher-educated member of our society (although I weep for our education system if it produces people who spell and punctuate like you), you are at something of an advantage when saying what you want to say. Expecting to have the additional advantage of not having anyone arguing with you is just plain greedy.

[1] In my case, Eliza Dushku.
Great angry post. These accusations of Political Correctness are actually quite powerful - I think the word has lurched this country to the right again. It is a seductive little expression that excuses all sorts of bigotry.

Here is my post on the subject, and check out the link to the 'anti-pc warrior' - it beggers belief. Added you as a favorite.
Whoops: forgot to add link!
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