Thursday, January 24, 2008


History Repeats Itself: First As Farce, Then As, Er, More Farce

So, a charismatic Glasgow socialist egomaniac with a propensity for lawsuits who founded his own party and screams that everyone else is a splitter has, er, split from his own party, claiming that he hasn’t left it, but they’ve left him. George Galloway’s apparent desertion of Respect is probably (assuming the usual love all those in the socialist fraternity have for each other) the only thing to give Tommy Sheridan a good belly-laugh for months. Let’s hope, as seems highly likely, that Mr Galloway now follows Mr Sheridan’s meteoric career path: that is, bursting into flames and crashing to earth. And not just because he’s currently the MP for the seat next to the one where I live, and is threatening to appear on our local ballot paper instead at the next General Election (eeeeuuww!).

Just a few nights ago, Film Four repeated two of the greatest (and funniest) films ever made, back to back – Carry On… Up the Khyber, followed by Monty Python’s The Life of Brian. Disciples of the far left who’ve seen the latter spend much of their time claiming that they’re no longer anything like the People’s Front of Judea, and indeed that the filmmakers were nothing but stoodges of the capitalist system (which is why no international finance houses would touch it and it was paid for by famously conformist tool of the establishment, er, George Harrison).


With the tragic news also breaking today that Mr Peter Vain has had to resign from the Cabinet, merely because he broke the law that the Labour Government he’s part of introduced but didn’t think applied to them, and used money that the donors didn’t agree to, and laundered it through a thinktank that – as you would expect from Mr Hain – had no thoughts, just a name… It’s not tragic for British politics, of course, as people from across the political spectrum will find the downfall of this vacuous popinjay hilarious, but tragic for poor young Millennium. Who will he find to lavish his triple alliterations on now? Though perhaps it’ll be a relief, if the inventive young elephant no longer has to find so many synonyms for “orange”.

Perhaps Mr Hain might cheer himself up by joining Mr Galloway’s list? They deserve each other.

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