Tuesday, February 05, 2008


My View On the US Elections…

…Is now over on the lovely Colin Ross’ site. Knowing my particular interest, he asked me to write a guest piece a few weeks ago, but since then the Primaries news just hasn’t stood still and let me settle on a view, dang-nabbit! I’ve titled it ‘The US Primaries, Super Tuesday and Chris Rennard’s Ideal Retirement Home’, so do toddle over and have a look to celebrate Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Tuesday. See if you can guess which candidates will be flatter than pancakes by the end of it (groan).

Meanwhile, for other opinion on the US elections, why not try out the invective-laden Morons.org, the deeply cynical I Have Sexual Tourette’s (which makes the first site look positively restrained, and which is run by a dear friend of Richard and mine), or this fabulous attack support ad for Mitt Romney. Then make your voice heard (slightly) at this site that spammed Lib Dem Voice the other day but seems not altogether such a bad idea…

And, of course, Millennium has already been highly informative about Iowa, South Carolina and Florida.

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Darlin' you can call me cynical anytime. ;-) Even acidic.
I meant it lovingly. And nice to see your reply, too – keep it up! It’s great to read a blog that makes mine seem politely timid, but which also really knows what it’s talking about ;-)
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