Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I Scream For Palin; and, When Is a Phoenix Not a Phoenix?*

The BBC has a correspondent at John McCain’s campaign HQ in Ashes, Arizona.
Oh, give ’em a poke.
Any luck?
Nope, still ashes.

Richard’s getting us ice cream and some more big chocolatey birthday cake we’ve been saving. Mmm, it’s all nice and fudgey. And the cake too. Last week we bought a lot of ice cream – including Baked Alaska and Fossil Fuel, in honour of Governor Palin. Well, that’s what I said, anyway. Richard pointed out that in half-baked Alaska, you can’t have fossil fuel, because fossils are the creation of Satan just to tempt those wacky evolutionists with their evidence and science and crazy things like that. And of course he’s right. That’s why she’s so keen on drillin’ all those fossil fuels out of the ground and burnin’ them, followed by books, gays and n – urban people who aren’t Real Americans…

Look, it was still funnier than Studio 60, OK?

*(Or: it’s gone midnight and the tension is getting to me)

2.40am update: I’ve now switched to worrying about Prop 8 rather than the Presidency, so it feels safe to call it.

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Grrr. Looks like Proposition 8 might pass, although it's still too close to call.
As of 4:21AM CDT:

Obama wins the state of Indiana as the first Democrat to do so since 1964- brings his total to 349 electoral votes to McCain's 159

Obama has 11,000 more votes than McCain in North Carolina with 100% of precincts reporting, yet no one has called it for either candidate yet

Al Franken leads Norm Coleman for US Senate seat from Minnesota by 1065 votes out of 2.2 million cast

No call yet on Prop 8 but the most antigay member of the US House of Representatives was unseated in Colorado

BTW, to the rest of the free world: you're welcome :-)
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