Monday, November 24, 2008


“Your Mail.” “Yes, I Am, And I Can Prove It, D’You Hear! Prooove It!”

Charlotte Gore has at last found a topic to get the Lib Dem blogosphere into more of a lather than libertarianism: all morning, male bloggers having been leaping up in horror like Sir Bernard Cutting* and firing up Sinitta’s So Macho on YouTube to protest their masculinity. The “GenderAnalyzer” thinks Love and Liberty is, like Charlotte’s blog, 73% likely to be written by a man. Thank goodness it wasn’t settled by arm-wrestling.

But wait! Setting it on my two other blogs – both dormant for eighteen months; I will reanimate them, but not today – I find something very different. My detailed Doctor Who analysis blog ‘proves’ me to be 94% male, with “strong indicators” that it’s written by a man… But my LiveJournal featuring enthusiasm about people I’ve met and complaints about toothache guesses that I’m 58% male, and “quite gender neutral”. Perhaps some of us are more versatile? I notice that Costigan, for one, isn’t afraid to be in touch with his feminine side.

I predict that, later today, Jennie will reveal her Butchometer score of 112% and threaten anyone who challenges her to a monster truck duel.

*Like the headline, this is a reference to Carry On Matron (yes, I can spell “your / you’re” and “mail / male”, but I’m pedantic about punning quotations).

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Ha! Well, it thinks my blog, where I write about feminism and gender issues, is 85% male.

Would that it were!!!

My website put up for GLA and PPC selection is about 54% male.
Clearly, Jo, you personify Gender Balance in selections ;-)
Actually, the gender thingy pegs me as female, which just shows how rubbish it is ;)
I saw that. Which is why I assumed you'd start a monster truck challenge to disprove it!
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