Saturday, September 10, 2011


Blogger’s Changing Things Again…

I’ve used Blogger for more than five years now; in part because it does the job for me, and because it doesn’t require technical knowledge to register on my cantbearsedometer. And, being a creature of habit, I’m happy with that. But there’s a little bit of me that can still go ‘ooh, shiny,’ when offered something new, and Blogger is now tempting me with an exciting new interface that gives me all sorts of extra features (without having to work for them). But there’s a catch: Richard was lured into this web of novelty, and it wiped out his template. So if you’re wondering why Millennium’s Diary suddenly looks completely different after five years, it wasn’t from choice (though he’s had a chance to play about a bit with a new template since).
“You’ve had this place redecorated. I don’t like it.”
The trouble is, I’ve had a look at some of the new features and thought, yes, they would be quite nice to have. But I’m very happy with the template I spent some time tinkering with to my satisfaction some years ago, a slightly customised version of one of their old standard versions. And I really don’t want to have to lose it all, try to reconstruct it, or find out the hard way whether anything like it’s available the other end.

So, does anyone who’s terribly tech-savvy – and who uses Blogger, if that’s not a contradiction – have any brilliant suggestions (though, yes, I have always kept my template saved somewhere in case my latest fiddle mucks it up)?

No to change! But give me new things for free! And don’t lose any of the old ones! I want a choice, and I want both! Do it all for me and I’ll complain whatever happens!

Dear god, I’m turning into a British voter.

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You want to keep this layout?

You actually like this template?

I love the world, it's such a diverse and lovely place.

Anyway, I haven't logged in to Blogger for ages, I shall have a look at what they're offering and then possibly be able to sort something out for you (I'll need to see what they've done first). Send me a copy of the template file so I can copy out anything weird?

What I did for Mark was set up a private blog and get it to his satisfaction then do the same for his existing one. Of course, he then messed it all up the next day by moving things and I never got around to fixing it (really must do that), but...
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