Friday, February 03, 2006


Dipping my toe in...

Gosh, my first blog post. I'd love to say it was about swimming, but sadly I've got out of the habit of that (and rather out of condition). So, hello to anyone reading it, and welcome in.

I thought I'd start with a nice one, as I have a curious feeling some of my posts may turn out to be rather intemperate...

Hello, good luck and look forward to reading more.
Thanks Paul! I shall try to keep you entertained. Lovely to hear from you - it seems like ever such a long time since I've seen you. Even I was probably young back then...
Hiya. Welcome.

I'm interested in Richard, but of course a different one...:-)
Nice to see you blogging. I'll be an avid reader.
Hello Alex,

Horrah you have a blog. Will enjoy reading this - but one small thought. Keep your contributions shorter!

I know you have a lot to say dear, but sometime less is more!
Thanks chaps – lovely to hear from you all. And, well, Matthew, you know brevity has never been one of my virtues (at least the post you replied to was a short one!). Still, I’m not alone in that and at least I’m not standing for Leader… Nice chest, by the way ;-)

I must confess I’m disappointed no-one has yet groaned at the terrible acronymic pun in one of my headings...
Wotcha sweetheart!

Thanks for the pointer to come over and read your innermost ramblings. I now come to blogspot for loveandliberty as well as lookathisbutt!

Hope the pills are working - will reply to your mail properly soon!

Love to both of you, Paulie x x
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