Saturday, February 04, 2006


Ecological Win Is Not Gonna happen

Much as I’d love to take President Bush’s ‘addicted to oil’ remark at face value – more joy in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, and so on – I notice most of the headlines missed that it was only in the context of dependence on foreign oil. I used to watch Dallas in the ‘80s and it never struck me as a model of environmental sustainability.

“Woof!” “Market! Heel!” John Prescott has decided of his own free will to back the government’s education ‘reforms’ after all. Shocker.

I’m still mulling over a temperate response to the illiberal mush that Sajjad Karim MEP was coming up with on Newsnight last night (catch it online today). Our human rights spokesperson (imagine!) seems to think that freedom of speech is only all right if it’s not used about anything important. I recommend watching Dave Allen tonight, in the same slot on the same channel, and on much the same subject. It’ll almost certainly have a more slanderous attack on religion than a bunch of cartoons, and I’m prepared to put money on zero Catholic death threats.

Today’s TV included two particularly fine railway thrillers from the middle of the last century: Terror By Night, with the superb Basil Rathbone and much-maligned Nigel Bruce as Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, followed directly by Hitchcock’s brilliant but spiteful Strangers on a Train. I was, obviously, on the train at the time and only noticed when I got in. BBC2 has another decent thriller tonight: The Talented Mr Ripley isn’t quite as fine, but scores higher on the measure of ‘Jude Law wearing very few clothes’. If you’re up around two in the morning, you might also turn to Channel 4 for William Hartnell’s frail and moving performance in This Sporting Life

Richard wins in EuroMillions Lottery!
Though he’s distressed that it was only £70, and not the £125,000,000 for which he was hoping. So, no heated indoor swimming pool to invite all our prettiest friends to, but it’ll cover the price of the Miss Marple DVD box he’s just bought. He’s watching one now to commiserate with himself. It’s Joan Hickson, of course, as he likes the interpretation of her as ‘evil old bat’ (ask anyone in Wivenhoe). I’m more a Margaret Rutherford ‘camp old nonsense’ chap, but neither of us were impressed by ITV1’s farrago: ‘Marple’ is a place a stout walk from where I grew up, not a proper series title. It's just plain rude without a genteel ‘Miss’ in front.

And finally… According to my ‘Interests’, I am the only blogger interested in ‘wittering on’. I find that very hard to believe.

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