Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Nick ‘Mate of Dave Cameron’ Robinson Plugs David Cameron

No, I don’t think it’s news either, so why did the BBC? Last night’s BBC “News” had a particularly egregious example of Nick ‘Mate of Dave Cameron’ Robinson’s agenda, with the lead “news” a naked advert for, er, a forthcoming piece of Tory news. Apparently Dave’s to reveal his new “values” (as any fule kno, ‘To get elected, stupid’). But it’s unusual for the BBC to give such prominence to a story they don’t have yet, enabling zero useful questions and a hagiographic tone. As is traditional, Richard and I shouted at the screen, and a new blog comments on our reactions. Whose new blog, you ask? Well, our fluffy elephant has just started one, with a little help from Richard. Usually it’s been a not-entirely-serious diary, with a bias towards a certain British cultural icon (not Doctor Who for once, though of not dissimilar prominence). Last night’s entry, however, was a fair and balanced look at the new Conservative Leader, treating him with every scrap of seriousness he deserves.

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