Friday, February 10, 2006


Positively Lib Dem

It’s great so many people in Dunfermline and West Fife positively chose the Liberal Democrats. We’re in government in Scotland. The SNP was just 1% behind us in that seat and every Scottish Labour by-election loss in my lifetime has been to the SNP. The Conservatives have had non-stop press adulation since David Cameron was elected. Yes, Labour took the area for granted. But with two big alternatives in opposition and the SNP particularly being talked up as challengers, why vote Lib Dem if people just wanted a random protest? It wasn’t just a protest vote, but a positive choice.

The vile and tacky Sky News kept trying to tell Willie Rennie a little earlier that our party was all about scandals, and laughably saying we were ‘split three ways’ (apparently Liberal Democrats aren’t allowed democracy). The Sky munchkin was just the most egregious of all the clichéd journos who this morning appear genuinely bewildered that the 'Lib Dems in chaos' story they've been peddling for weeks hasn't come true. That's because it was just a story, and sorry, Mr Murdoch; it appears no-one believes you.

It’s very simple: people aren’t interested in politicians’ personal lives. They’re interested in which politicians will make a difference to their own lives, and that’s why they voted Lib Dem. Well done, Willie, for giving such a good performance, and blimey, you looked lively in that cold. I’ve never seen so much steam coming out of a man’s mouth. And why did I have Sky on? Well, because I wanted to see their big excitingly coloured bar charts of the swing. The BBC’s graphics department appears to be on holiday.

Congratulations to Willie and all those who worked in such an outstanding campaign. I’m still ecstatic. Thanks must be due to two more people for helping, though. Gordon Brown – what a star. Trying to run his home seat entirely from Westminster, ordering Labour in Scotland about as if devolution never happened and generally proving what a popular Labour Leader he’ll be. Thanks to David Cameron, too; the Tory Leader telling people how good it is to be a Liberal seems to have its effect. Cheers, Dave!

On the other hand, BBC Breakfast News has just revealed they’re going to be talking to Joe Pasquale about his new Musical version of Rentaghost, so I can’t rule out the possibility that I’m still asleep and dreaming.

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