Thursday, April 13, 2006


Oh, No, Not Daytime TV!

So it's come to this... I'm at home, not very well, trying to get the housework done, trying to keep an eye out for Doctor Who trailers on BBC1 (ooh, look, a new one yesterday)... And now I've been pulled into the horror that is daytime soap as a result. There's no hope for me. I'm watching Doctors, a soap I've never even seen before, but still getting snuffly at today's gay wedding (though I probably won't take many notes for our own far-distant day). Hurrah! Civil partnership on the Beeb!

At least I turned the sound off during Neighbours.

My habitual slight scowl at the words 'civil partnership' has also receded, as no-one mentioned them at any time. So maybe I'm wrong and the law will eventually be steamrollered by the word 'marriage' anyway.

When my ex-fiancee was working for the BBC she started off down in Birmingham. So I happen to walked through some of the fixed sets for Doctors and seen some of the exterior shots up close when I went to meet her for lunch one day at Pebble Mill. Especially as her office was only accessible through parts of the set.

Heaven knows if they are still using these sets or have moved into the new complex nearer the city centre though. Maybe I'll need a day off work and not use it ampaigning to check.
Especially as her office was only accessible through parts of the set.

Sounds like exciting planning. Or was it just to save on extras walking through the hospital?
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