Sunday, May 14, 2006


Questions You Don’t Want to Hear…

…From your coach driver as he takes your ticket.

“Are you going to Stockport?”
“Do you know the way?”

I gave the directions. We got there.
I didn’t get a discount, mind.

I’m gradually becoming less of a zombie and able to blog for a bit again, thanks to that trip last week. Yes, some might say 200 miles is a bit far for even an NHS dentist, but I’ve been with them since I was four, and besides, it gave me a chance to see my Dad for his birthday and my Grandad in hospital. One out of three being fun wasn’t bad… Anyway, the short version is that a few days ago I had two fillings and the infected tooth taken out – though that under-describes a process that took well over an hour. I'm now back from visiting the family, and now only knocked out by a cold rather than pain or painkillers (I never made it to Leyton on polling day – keeled over on the tube, struggled home and am still feeling guilty about the councillor who lost his seat by a handful of votes) but if you’re not the squeamish sort, I’ve recorded all the gory details elsewhere.

I’ve been trying to catch up with other Lib Dem blogs and spotted several things I want to hold forth on. After a bit of flippancy, I’ll dive in to some of the debates, if a bit late. In my absence, I notice I’ve had a reply from Mr Luntz, though of course Millennium noticed before I did.

Oh, and how irritating is American TV channel ABC? Not only is it crammed with ghastly adverts, but it stops broadcasting on Freeview dead on 6pm – or, today, slightly before. Which means it cut off today’s episode of schmaltzy Presidential soap Commander in Chief before it finished. Grr! Anyone know what the end was? One second Mac’s Chief of Staff Jim was half-naked, the next he was gone – we don’t even have a V-chip…

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