Saturday, August 26, 2006


A New Blog… And It’s About Time

I’ve previously mentioned Doctor Who Magazine’s Time Team, a splendid project reviewing the whole of Doctor Who. After sending in my ‘reader’s thoughts’ for some years, I’ve now created a blog to record them all. Fifteen years ago today, the BBC finally got round to broadcasting the experimental Pilot episode of Doctor Who, judged unsuccessful at the time and remade before the series started – the only piece of TV Doctor Who the Time Team don’t cover. This seems an opportune moment to start this selection. So, I’ve started a new blog: Next Time, I Shall Not Be So Lenient!

I’ll still be putting Doctor Who and other TV reviews here (‘boo’ or ‘hooray’, according to taste), so it won’t change what I’m doing on this blog at all. My intention with the new one is to start at the beginning of Doctor Who and simply publish all the random thoughts I’ve sent into the Time Team over the years, so it’ll be less a set of reviews than a bunch of crazy soundbites which I hope will at least be diverting. At least, that’s what my friend Stephen who’s been nagging at me to set this up thinks (subtle attempt to pass the buck, there).

There’s a slight problem to begin with, in that I didn’t start sending in comments to DWM until the end of William Hartnell’s time as the Doctor, so there are a couple of dozen stories I’ll be doing reviews for at the start, and I’ve begun today with the Pilot episode, An Unearthly Child. I’ll be posting a few pieces over the next week or so to explain exactly what I intend to do with the new blog, but after that it’ll probably settle down to about once a fortnight.

In part this is because I’m not prolific enough to keep more than one blog running flat out. Regular readers will notice I’m not prolific enough to keep even one blog running flat out! My occasional LiveJournal, notably, had been languishing until I found something different to do there and started talking about the odd Doctor Who signing, which at least makes it ‘occasional’ rather than ‘derelict’. The main reason for spacing out posts, however, is that although for most of them I need in theory just copy in something I’ve already written, it’s taken the Time Team since 1999 to get from the Doctor Who stories of 1963 to 1982. It wouldn’t do to overtake them.

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