Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Ravishing Phone Intoxication

A long, mostly delicious* dinner last night with various other Lib Dem bloggers (note to Polly Toynbee: yes, we really are a secret cabal all plotting to get you) at Brighton’s tapas restaurant Pinxto People, where the staff will be friendly, charming, order for your party and then present the most inflated bill in dining history. Amongst all the intrigue, at one leg of the evening Mark Pack revealed the secret of The Most Exciting Telephone Line In Britain. It’s every bit as addictive as you expect; try 020 7533 5833 any time of day or night. Especially night. Phew.

Note to Iain Sharpe: fabulous blog and the best title going, but if you don’t want other people to post on it try not to leave your Blogger account logged in at the Brighton Centre Internet café. Being almost overcome by the giddy excitement of the forthcoming tax debate, though, I manage to resist posting any amusing additions; it’s possible not all Lib Dems may exercise similar self-control.

*Not all delicious. If you go, you should not only keep careful control of the menu, but also avoid the outstandingly vile green ice cream. Not the pale green one that tastes like toothpaste; the dark green one that tastes like nettles.

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