Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Some Motions Are More Equal Than Others

Yesterday I expressed some doubts about the gap between the hetoric and the proposed action in the Diversity and Equality Motion due to be debated in Brighton. I’m not the only one. James Graham recommends outright opposition rather than scepticism, while Peter on Apollo at the Liberal Review today points out the perils of overly emphatic wording. James was also single-handedly responsible for the Reflecting Britain pressure site about diversity in the party’s representation, which he’s now updated with an appeal for ways in which to take it forward and his own assessment of the party’s ‘Diversity and Equality Review’. I hadn’t realised that it was entirely James’ work when I was a bit snide about it yesterday, so that’s another reminder not just of the importance of diversity, but of not sending a comment straight away when feeling crabby. Perhaps I should stick a post-it above my screen saying, “Count to thirty before you click ‘Post’.”

Anders Hanson and Mark Valladares have now both also written thoughtful posts on the subject. Mark draws weary attention to one amendment that’s been submitted, which is both incompetently drafted and shows the usual depressing tendency in these debates for each group to decide they’re so important that anyone else should be elbowed out of the way.
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