Friday, September 15, 2006


Unwise Things To Do Of A Morning…

Predictably heavy debate on Liberal Democrat Voice over the 50p tax rate inspired me to rattle off an article about what sorts of things Liberal Democrats tend to disagree on, and where the fault lines are in our values. It’s been published there this morning and looks particularly at the International Law debate next week, where the paper seems a victory for the ‘interventionists’ over those who consider intervention imperialist or impractical. Hearing the news today, I’ve just written here about abortion, sex education and family policy. Hmm, what’s the next nettle patch for me to stick my hand into?

I may not be standing for public office at the moment, but this seems to be one of my more recklessly indiscreet mornings. I could continue to make new enemies and wind people up by writing on, say, drugs or Israel and Palestine, but I notice that since I wrote the last piece, Blogger has gone down. It wasn’t an attempt to cover my tracks, honest. By the time you read this, I assume it’ll be working again, but – despite having recently seen a ludicrous story that I’m tempted to fulminate about, in which busybody town halls were planning to ban men from going topless in public – perhaps I should spend the time waiting for it to start working again packing clothes ready for Conference, rather than trying for an ‘incensed of the blogosphere’ hat-trick by writing about public nudity (again).

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