Saturday, January 27, 2007



…It’s Richard’s birthday tomorrow (my beloved, and Millennium’s better-known daddy), but he doesn’t like anyone to know.

Tiptoes quietly away from computer…

…Trips and falls with a yell because my vision is impaired and I cannot see…

…Realises Richard’s out so I’m still technically stealthy.

The one time I was able to organise a variety of birthday party for him was by inviting some people round to watch a few videos and DVDs in May 2004. He didn’t notice that it was on the day I’d worked out was his thirty-three and a thirdth birthday. Strike when they least expect it, I say! He’ll probably start getting very suspicious around the time of his two-thirds-of-a-century, but I have a few decades to plan that yet…

The line-up I insisted on showing was Robin of Sherwood: The King’s Fool, Doctor Who: The Crusade (partly in reconstructed format, the BBC having tossed some of it in a skip and set light to it as part of their, ah, idiosyncratic 1970s archiving policy) and The Lion in Winter. They’re all stories set in the 1180s and ’90s, but they have something else in common… On the version of the invites I showed to Richard, it was headlined ‘Plantagenet Night’. A couple of days before it was due, he said with some puzzlement, “But they’re all Richard I.” “Are they?” I responded innocently. Good job it was on the phone; I can never keep a straight face.

Hopefully he’ll have a lovely birthday, and won’t notice me advertising it until it’s too late. Nyah hah hah hah hah (in the absence of an html tag for ‘wicked laugh’).

Corks, he’s back!

Switch the lights out and make a wish.


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