Friday, February 02, 2007


A Corrosive Effect

Once again, listening to the morning news headlines on Today gives that Alice in Wonderland feeling. “Senior Labour figures says that the police investigation into Tony Blair is ‘having a corrosive effect’.” They want to see a speedy end to it (‘How dare they have the temerity to investigate us! Let’s close our eyes and wish it all away’). “The Prime Minister is determined to stay on until his legacy is secure – almost certainly past May.” “Almost certainly past hope,” observes Richard.

Mr Blair is starting now on a much-trailed interview. I’m posting before I inevitably start swearing. One thing, though, is certain: the thing about Tony Blair that is “having a corrosive effect” is not the police. Even when he’s telling the truth, no-one can believe a single word the Prime Minister says. Whether he’s lied about honours or merely about a wide swathe of public policy from Iraq downwards, I don’t know, but the answer to the most terribly corrosive thing in British politics for as long as Tony Blair clings to office is simple. It’s Tony Blair.

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