Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Lib Dem Voice Participation Up 100%!

Anyone remember that big row a couple of weeks back, with several Liberal Democrat bloggers complaining about Lib Dem Voice’s ‘Top of the Blogs: The Golden Dozen’? The result was that regular compiler Stephen Tall announced he was throwing open the nominations, and the other day I sent in a bunch, expecting my suggestions to be counted as votes amongst dozens of others. So I’m sorry, I haven’t a clue why it turns out I was the only one who sent any in. Surely Liberal Democrats are people who, rather than just whining, get off our backsides and do something?

I know I sometimes pull a face, too (and so does Millennium, which is more impressive) when I’ve written something I think’s really good and it doesn’t get a gong. It’s only human, or elephant. But it seems very odd to sulk in public, then sit on your bottom and not help out. Well, admittedly, I was sitting down as well when I typed out my nominations, but you know what I mean. If making any positive suggestions scores too high on your cantbearsedometer, what’s the point of complaining in the first place?

Besides, I’m sure it’s embarrassing for Lib Dem Voice when a great appeal for more involvement doubles the number of people picking their favourites to, er, two. It’s certainly embarrassing for me; Millennium gave me a very hard look this morning when I hadn’t sent any of his in, and my protestations that bloggers are like MPs and shouldn’t give hand-outs to members of their family (however deserving) merely led to a sticky bun bouncing off my forehead. I feel guilty about not including Jo now, but then she did get number one last week… I don’t envy Stephen having to have people get all pouty with him every time! So, won’t you think of the children elephants, and write in about blog posts you like this week?

There were, incidentally, a couple of suggestions I sent in that there wasn’t room for, so here for your delight and delectation is my Golden Dozen Fourteen Special Edition:

Lynne Featherstone makes an informed and disturbing point about the Home Secretary being the guardian of our liberties – yes, I know, but there’s a practical point beyond the obvious absurdity of it…

Whereas Paul Walter just came up with a stroke of inspiration so entertaining that a self-igniting Romney-follower with no sense of humour has already missed the point. As that leaves the other side without an advocate, can I just say that I was very offended. Whatever their superficial similarity (and no-one beats Governor Romney for superficiality), please remember that “The Devil” is a witty, charismatic figure who always steals the scene for me when he appears on screen and has an uncanny knack of persuading people to do what he wants. And no-one could say that of Mitt Romney.

If you’ve not seen Reaper, by the way, I thoroughly recommend it – it’s very entertaining, and thanks to E4+1, we’ve been able to watch it straight after Torchwood. The lead and his sidekick are both rather cute, too; one has a propensity for taking his shirt off, and the other looks uncannily like a young Kevin Smith.

Wandering to the US elections for a moment – and this will link back to Reaper – I have to admit I’ve not been won over by the treacly “Yes We Can” video setting Barack Obama to music. Perhaps I’m just too cynical. I do, however, think the John McCain version should have a wider airing. Well, versions, I should say: No, You Can’t is worth a look, but I’m afraid Ten Thousand Years beats it by a mile. There are so many brilliant elements that I won’t list them all, but watch out for the sign language and – coming back to the point – that nice young man from Reaper looking even less delighted working for Senator McCain than he does for “The Devil”. So that’s balanced my attacks on leading Republicans (NB: Governor Huckabee is theocratic loon, but in the miraculous event of him getting the nomination he’d make the Democrats a shoo-in, surely?), and my work here is done.

Despite the YouTube links in that last paragraph, this morning I’ve mainly been listening to one of my DVD pop video compilations, this one including Deborah Harry, the Buzzcocks, the Inspiral Carpets and, as I type this, James’ ‘Born of Frustration’ and ‘I Know What I’m Here For’. Not remotely appropriate for a blogger, then…

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Yes I thought the nominations would be anonymous?

It gets very tense on here sometimes doesn't it?!!

Nobody clicked on me last week...think it was the mention of sewing and embroidery that did it - people can't handle it when you're not safely in one box!!
I thought the butterfly and dragonfly were very pretty. I might try making a card like that one day. Where did you get the stickers? ;-)

But then, it's possible I'm another blogger who ticks more than one box...!

Besides, is "Scissors, Paper, Stone" especially "for girls"? I used to enjoy the game, but it always felt like my intellectualised alternative to throwing a punch, from the physical act of choosing your shape...
Sorry for not nominating you Alex -maybe next time.
Are you a closet crafter Alex?!

I buy my stickers from my local stationery/art shop - but I you can also find them in department stores sometimes - ours has a very nice lady who sits at a table actually making cards - usually she makes nice stuff but once she coloured a butterfly like mine with loads of colour and it looked awful...perhaps I'll tell her next time...:@)

I'm about to put another card I've made up this afternoon - tell me if you want to know how to do it :@)))
Thank you very much Alex - I am honoured. I think you ought to take modesty or at least false modesty into the equation - certainly self-nomination - which Stephen encouraged - just doesn't seem British to many of us.
Thanks, Alex. And apologies for 'outing' you as the sole contributor this week... but I didn't want to take the credit for another's work...

cheers, stephen
(Belated and bundled replies)

I’m not a closet anything, Jo ;-) But my Mum used to do a lot of hand-made stuff and I can appreciate it, though for cards I usually stick to drawing something and then just printing it (with such pictures as this and this). I must mention your elephant to Millennium, though. Paul – I can understand your reticence about self-nomination. I can see myself wrestling on a weekly basis between vanity and modesty (or embarrassment), but I did at least put one of yours in! And finally, Stephen. You’re very welcome, and no need to apologise – I hope I’m long past the days when I bat an eyelid about being ‘outed’ about anything
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