Tuesday, August 12, 2008


President Bush: Two Impossible Things Before Breakfast

It’s always disconcerting to find myself agreeing with George W Bush, and agreeing with him twice in one week is surely impossible; I feel a little queasy, and can’t rule out the possibility that I’m still asleep. But there it is – Chinese human rights, where he was more forthright than Mr Brown (almost impossible not to be), and now telling Russia their actions over South Ossetia are unacceptable. Good for President Bush. Of course, it’s impossible for anyone to take him seriously over ignoring human rights or illegally toppling other countries, and probably impossible for him to understand why.

I suspect that means it’s also impossible for him to do anything meaningful about either but shoot his mouth off like the world’s most-syndicated columnist, but in some ways that’s a relief… It’s almost impossible to believe even George Bush would start a war with both Russia and China as his leaving-office goodbye present. I bet he’s tempted, though – so it’s a good job he wasn’t President during the Cold War (and if he does, I’d like to say ‘I’d like to see even John McCain defend him on that one,’ but I fear I’d be more likely to be running for the hills).

Update: Cicero makes some suggestions for meaningful action.


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