Sunday, December 21, 2008


Like Chocolates? Like Computers? Then…

Look, I was tired, I was ill, I couldn’t get out of the flat… Oh, all right, I’m a gutbucket, Thorntons were doing a 25% off discount online and I just wanted to cheer myself up. Then, as well as my usual Viennese Truffles and luxury double cream mints, I saw this.

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Hey, it’s a server made of chocolates! What’s not to love?

Well, OK, it’s still overpriced even at 25% off, and it’s smaller than it looks in the photos, but it’s cool. And that’s without even eating any yet.

If you want the 25% off, incidentally, try entering XBN5, XBN6, XBN8 or XBX8 at checkout. Any of the four codes should work in theory, and at least one’s bound to in practice…

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A tower?? A hot-swappable blade cluster wasn't good enough for you? I hope it at least has chocolate redundancy built in. :-)
Sometimes I am actually quite happy that I am allergic to chocolate.

And you're not a gutbucket, you're lovely and snuggly. Skinny men are Wrong.
GRIN to both!

Oh, plenty of redundancy, gorgeous. And a lot around the flat.

I really can't imagine being allergic to chocolate, Jennie... And though I'm not against skinny men, I have to admit to a predisposition for chaps who don't look like they'll snap when you hug them ;-)
Being allergic to chocolate is easy enough, when you can have gin ;)
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Do they do one with bones?
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