Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Preparing For the Nuclear Option – An Appeal

The Speaker's gone – good. That’s stage one. But it’s 24 hours since the Liberal Democrat Federal Executive met, and we’ve heard nothing whatsoever of what they decided. My impatience is rising as the Lib Dem hierarchy apparently just doesn’t get the need for speed and transparency in the current crisis. Though yesterday I suggested a set of questions they should ask Lib Dem Parliamentarians, tomorrow I’ll be publishing a much more drastic proposal.

Before then, can I ask readers for one simple piece of information? Which Liberal Democrat MPs have already said they’re standing down at the next election? Because I have a nuclear option to put to all of those who’re planning to go on, and I want to know all the ones I should write to…

Update: Well, I didn’t follow this up ‘tomorrow’, or the next day… I put it off because I heard that the Federal Executive were going to publish their ‘action’ at the end of the week. Then they turned out to be paltry. So I was rather underenthused – try me again after the Euro-elections (though, as on so many things over expenses, however incredibly, the Tories have stolen the thunder)…

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Phil Willis, Paul Keetch, Mark Oaten, Colin Breed and Matthew Taylor.
Thank you, Bernard!

I'll strap on the bombs (figuratively, MI5) tomorrow.
I thought Andrew George had as well
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