Tuesday, December 01, 2009


The SNP – A Sorry Set of Smears

Last time I blogged – a month ago, whoops, various uncomfortable reasons – I excoriated nasty Labour and Tory smears. This morning, I must apologise. In the interests of political balance, I regret that I omitted to mention any SNP smears. Fortunately, to celebrate Alex Salmond’s hijacking of a Scottish national holiday to announce his delusional plans for absolute power despite winning only a third of the vote (just like Labour at Westminster), Andrew Reeves brings news of an SNP hatchet man who, while being paid by the public, ran a vicious anonymous smear website (just like Labour’s Damian McBride).

I’m sorry, I must apologise again. It’s not quite true to say that the SNP is as bad as Labour.

The SNP, of course, are demanding to get everything absolutely their own way on slightly less than a third of the vote; Labour does the same on slightly more than a third of the vote (though, to be fair to Alex Salmond, at least he put himself before the Scottish people as potential First Minister in the election. Gordon Brown, of course, wasn’t the Leader of the Labour Party at the last General Election. And, er, the Labour Party didn’t get to vote for him either. Good job he’s turned out so well).

And I’m sorry, I must apologise yet again. It’s not quite true to say that the SNP is as bad as Labour over the smear, either.

Gordon Brown’s hatchet man Damien McBride was caught out before he managed to launch his anonymous smear website.

Alex Salmond’s hatchet man Mark MacLachlan has been running his anonymous smear, hate and bullying blog for two years, while paid by the Scottish taxpayer to run the office of Mike Russell… The senior SNP minister we’ve all seen in the news in the last week in charge of getting them absolute power. Trustworthy guy, eh?

Alex Salmond, of course, has not said sorry.

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