Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Pillow Talk

Where do you get your pillows? What are they like? How do you find ones that suit you? I ask because this week’s been a pain in the neck for me – I cricked my neck nastily on Saturday, and have since been in a lot of neck and upper back pain (plus a phlegmy sore throat, but no, I’ve not considered neck amputation), which means I’ve been spending rather more time mostly unsuccessfully trying to sleep than usual. And I’m not happy with my pillows – they’re just too soft, and I can’t find anywhere that sells firm ones.

You’d think it would be very simple, that with so many bed shops, furnishing shops and even supermarkets selling pillows there would be plenty of choice. Yet they all seem to be soft, very soft or ultra-soft, with no catering for those of us who prefer something with a bit less give to it. It doesn’t help that pillows in stores tend to be tightly bagged, which leads only to disappointment once you open them up and they go all saggy. Yet neither Richard nor I like sinking into pillows.

No thanks to feathers, by the way. They always seem to stick out and jab you, don’t they?

What I’m looking for is very simple. A pillow that’s quite firm under my head. I don’t care if it’s cheap or artificial – I just want one with minimal give, and no-one seems to stock them. Any ideas?

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I use tempur pillows. They're heat sensitive, which spreads the pressure out. That means they're neither too hard nor too soft. and I think I've seen them in Benson's beds. Not cheap, but I no longer wake with sore ears!
Thanks Ian - I'll have a look for them!
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