Saturday, January 01, 2011


Shirley Williams Wishes Millennium Dome, Elephant A Happy Birthday

Liberal Democrat Blogger of Last Year, Millennium Dome Elephant, is ten eleven ten* years old today! So I bring very special wishes to him from top Lib Dem Peer Shirley Williams. It's an appropriate honour, because I'm very proud of him – and, of course, of my beloved Richard Flowers, top TV pundit, who helps Millennium with the typing. So here is a Lord…

Hang on! She's just opened her mouth to offer a special birthday greeting, and it doesn't sound like Shirley at all. What? It sounds like a man. What? In fact, it sounds rather like Millennium. WHAT?!

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The famous fluffy-haired star, pictured here with adoring fan Tom Baker

Maybe it's someone she keeps being mistaken for over her supermarket trolley. Who could it be? No – the name escapes me. Something to do with 'I loved what you did getting rid of the grammar schools, but I liked that Mr Hartnell better…'

And a happy 2011 to all of you at home.

*Millennium is the finest politico-economic blogger in the country. He should know how many birthdays make ten.
…He does, of course. But it's a point of principle.

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<3 Hippy burpdae to the fluffy one
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