Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Crown and Brown

Prince Charles appears to be embarrassed that it’s come out he’s been meddling in politics. Apparently he doesn’t expect to be held to account. Well, colour me stunned. According to tonight’s Channel 4 News, he bombards MPs and ministers with ‘advice’ (while never replying to anyone else’s letters, as if only his opinions count), seeing himself as a “dissident” there to fight the political consensus and, presumably, any views later than the Nineteenth Century. Here’s a thought – why not stop trying to order the government about in secret, stop loafing about waiting to be King and stand for election instead? Then he could see how his views would go down in a democracy… Assuming anyone would actually listen to him if he was Mr Charles Windsor (particularly without the billions his family have to hand).

Strangely, though several ex-ministers were quizzed about Prince Charles and several complained, not one was willing to go on the record. You’d imagine it was some residual respect for the monarchy, but one of the courtroom revelations from the Prince’s former munchkin today was that he’s struck up a cordial relationship in the waiting room of British politics with that other frustrated old seether, Gordon Brown. Suddenly all is explained. Criticising the monarchy’s one thing, but some forms of lese-majesty are just beyond the pale in the Labour Party.

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