Sunday, April 09, 2006


Crisp Unt Light Brown

Disaster! Walkers have changed all their Sensations Crisps flavours (you know, the ones in the gigantic bags about which you always tell yourself, ‘Just because I’ve opened it doesn’t mean I have to eat them all at once’). Gone are favourites like Roast Lamb and Mint or Four Cheeses, and just because the new Lamb and Moroccan Spices are particularly nice obviously won’t stop me fulminating about the missing ones ;-)

Right now, News 24 is also talking about resistance to change in the reaction to Camilla replacing Diana. The Labour Party face a similar problem. They too will say that the (formerly) popular, glamorous one was just a marriage of convenience and that now they’re going to get the one they really love. I don’t think Mr Windsor has done anything to merit just assuming the top job in the country, but good luck to him in finding happiness with someone he loves. I’ll reserve wishing luck to Mr Frown, who I don’t think has done anything to merit assuming the top job in the country either, and he may find that lack of ‘crossover appeal’ is going to be more of a problem for him than for Mrs Windsor.

In the interests of balance, though, don't you think Tony looks tired?

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