Thursday, August 10, 2006


Of Course We Should Elect the Lords!

It’s ‘Lords Reform Day’, which leaves me in a quandary. No, not about whether to elect our second chamber (puh-lease!), but about what possibly to blog other than “Of course Parliament should be elected in a democracy! Are you a fuckwit, or what?” So, for fun, if you see a Lib Dem MP looking very sober and smug about how ludicrous it is that senior offices in the land should still be filled by the cronies of Prime Ministers and the descendents of the cronies of kings, just ask, “So you’d abolish the monarchy, then?” and watch them turn puce.

Only one Lord should still be about, and the hereditary principle in his case is a bit of a contentious issue. He’s got a new suit today (not bad, nasty breast pocket), and a new companion. You can distinguish her from a suspiciously similar-looking character because this one’s got a pineapple on her head.

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His brown suit has the same nasty breast pocket - it flaps around in that outdoor scene on New Earth.
Ahh. You must be right, but I'd never noticed. Perhaps it just shows up more on the paler blue (or the pinstripes on the brown do a better job of hiding it).

I thought I'd leave it open, incidentally, as to whether it's the Doctor's supposed parentage or the Doctor's supposed status as a parent that's controversial. As, obviously, both are likely to make some people foam at the mouth.
Why abolish the monarchy? Just elect the King!
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