Thursday, March 29, 2007


…The Adventure Begins

Here am I, innocently writing a piece about tonight’s Avengers (BBC4, 7.10), when I idly change channels only to find something even more exciting than Julian Glover.

Never mind those 40-second trailers: a minute-and-a-half-long Doctor Who preview montage is currently playing on a continuous loop on TV.

Turn now to Freeview Channel 302, and doubtless on other digital platforms too (and, all right, I didn’t tune in entirely by accident. After last year, I’ve been checking daily. Blush).

It contains… Not quite spoilers, but tantalisingly heavy hints.

Here are some tantalisingly lighter hints about those hints:

The Doctor and Martha

Slowly building, rousing music

Walking… Things

Flying… Monsters

A very creepy family

A lot of running

Big explosions

Big frocks

Familiar faces

A very familiar building

A word describing one of my least favourite (but often-written about) concepts

David Tennant saying something that you really wouldn’t expect him to say

And could those be crossovers with the BBC’s two other hit fantasy series?
“You’d enjoy anything.”
“That’s me.”




PS If you think you can turn on the wireless to get away from it…
The Doctor’s back, on BBC1. And he’s got a new companion.
(‘Have You Met Miss Jones?’ plays against the sound of the TARDIS)

“You never even told me who you are.”
“I’m the Doctor. I’m a Time Lord.”
Right. Not – pompous at all, then.”

When their two worlds collide, anything can happen.
Doctor Who Theme)

“Landing’s a bit bumpy!”
“Welcome aboard, Miss Jones!”

Brand new Doctor Who – starts Saturday night at seven, on BBC1.

Remember, that’s Channel 302, or press your red button.

I’m very, very excited. And Richard hasn’t even seen it yet… We may watch it once or twice tonight. And possibly into the morning.

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My digital had better be working tonight. Reception is usually terrible...
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