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Doctor Who Index

Doctor Who’s back at 7 o’clock tonight, and Richard and I are very excited. Spring cleaning is rather less exciting, but this seems an opportune moment to collect together all the many pieces I’ve written about Doctor Who here. This may not be the most urgent bit of tidying up my blog needs, but at least it’s a start… It’ll be updated regularly (like the Politics Index, er, hasn’t been yet), and when I eventually get round to updating the Previously… Fun set of my favourite old articles in the sidebar (whoops, still September), I’ll peg it at the top. In the meantime, watch the show tonight – it’ll be incalculably more thrilling than the Index!

In-Depth Doctor Who Reviews

So Who is This Doctor Bloke Anyway? – A surprisingly snappy notion of all you really need to know about Doctor Who… And updated on my even more Doctor Who blog.

The Time Meddler – including my views on the new ‘Doctor’s Fob Watch’ toy and a a quick peek at Doctor Who DVDs for the first half of 2008

Patrick Troughton’s Doctor Who: Now You See It… – On missing episodes, Recons, The Web of Fear and The Macra Terror

The Macra Terror – Even for me, this review’s pretty thorough! Including a look at the Second Doctor.


Inferno (Alternate Universe Mix) – The novelisation, The Dr Who Annual 1971, and a psychological profile of the Third Doctor

Doctor Who: The Scripts (Going Cheap) – An overview of the outstanding Season 12 through The Scripts 1974/5, including Robot, The Ark in Space, The Sontaran Experiment, Genesis of the Daleks and Revenge of the Cybermen

The Talons of Weng-Chiang – The DVD

The Talons of Weng-Chiang – The Story

Back to Old School: Horror of Fang Rock

Back to Old School: The Ribos Operation

New Beginnings: The Keeper of Traken

New Beginnings: Logopolis

Ben Aaronovitch and Doctor Who – The writing and moral philosophy in Remembrance of the Daleks, Battlefield, Transit and The Also People

Happy Birthday Professor Quatermass – The Quatermass stories, and the Doctor Who they inspired

Doctor Who Fun in Cambridge

The Ice Warriors – A story watched with friends in Cambridge in early 2006

The Curse of Fenric (Special Edition) – Another story watched with friends in Cambridge in early 2006

The Deadly Assassin – And another story watched with friends in Cambridge in early 2006

Arc of Infinity – The last story there was time to cram into that marathon viewing with friends in Cambridge in early 2006

Shorter Doctor Who Reviews and Articles

2007’s Doctor Who DVDs To Buy (or: Get The Key To Time!) – an overview of all 17 old series Doctor Who stories newly released on Region 2 DVD in 2007

Choosing Doctor Who DVDs Made Easy

Introducing the Doctor… – An overview of Doctor Who Season 2005, and the best of the rest

Escape to DangerDoctor Who: The Beginning DVD Box Set, and the First Doctor

Kevin Stoney, RIP – An obituary of Kevin Stoney, with a look at his character and performance first as Mavic Chen in The Daleks’ Master Plan then, in detail, as Tobias Vaughn in The Invasion

The Green Death

Ooh, Look, it’s Peter Jeffrey – Including The Androids of Tara

Free Doctor Who Books (…With A Small Catch) – Short reviews of fifteen Target novels given away with SFX, plus The Price of Paradise, Made of Steel and SFX and DWM Specials

A Blissful Saturday EveningGridlock and its antecedents

Torchwood Series One – Including the first series of Primeval

Verity Lambert and Doctor Who: Legendary – For Doctor Who’s forty-fourth anniversary, eulogising the series’ late, great, original producer and TV legend

Squinting For BargainsThe Doctor Who Storybook 2007 and Doctor Who – The Official Annual 2007 compared, plus the Animatronic Cyberman

Present: One Small Blog For Me, One Giant Blog With Everyone Else – A day of history, with The Sontaran Experiment

Past: History Matters – Why history is important, not least in Doctor Who

Future: Torchwood – Looking forward to the start of Torchwood

Genius Loci: Ben and Benny – Book review, holding back on spoilers and so not as incisive as it could have been

Storm Warning Warning – Introducing the Big Finish audio plays

David Maloney and Peter Hawkins, RIP

Don’t Panic! …About Doctor WhoThe Impossible Planet and 2006 ratings

What Links Politics, Football and Doctor Who?Rise of the Cybermen ratings

Chips – Russell T Davies’ secret message across the 2006 season of Doctor Who

School Reunion (Early Draft) – Tongue-in-cheek ‘missing scene’

Ooh, I Do Feel QueerThe Caves of Androzani on the Ides of March

Books – How I learned to read on Doctor Who books

Other Doctor Who Bits

The Thinking Blogger’s CartoonistTV21-style Dalek comic strip

…The Adventure BeginsDoctor Who Season 2007 Preview Montage

Two Worlds Will CollideDoctor Who Season 2007 Trailers

Doctor Who Preview RIGHT NOWDoctor Who Season 2006 Preview Montage

I’m Officially Very ExcitedDoctor Who Season 2006 Trailer

You Will Obey Me! – An ‘after’ Utopia-related picture

Don’t Open the Watch! – A ‘before’ Utopia-related picture

Ghost Stories for Christmas and Other Festive Television – M.R. James, The Martians and Us, Secret Army and previewing Voyage of the Damned

“Shaaaappps!” (Thunk) – A Tory MP and the most risible character from The Armageddon Factor; separated at birth

Caitlin Della Hill Is Lovely! – Hello to my new niece, with a visit to the Doctor Who exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester

Blake’s 7 Reborn Blake’s 7 is reimagined as audio drama, touching on Doctor Who writers and audios

The Most Perfect Eating Machine Ever Devised – the Dalek Sec Easter Egg (and a bit of John Barrowman in Any Dream Will Do)

Good Luck, Jacqueline Pearce! – A signing before Jackie emigrated

London and Fuzzy Monsters – How being without glasses is like Army of Ghosts

Six of Ood, Half a Dozen of the Other – Ood playing cards

That Post-Christmas, Post-Who Satisfied Feeling – After The Runaway Bride

Wasn’t That Brilliant? – After Doomsday

Big Finnish – How much is blogging like fanzines? A special bilingual edition

Of Course We Should Elect the Lords! – First photos of the Tenth Doctor and Martha

Man-Eater of Surrey GreenThe Seeds of Doom and this episode of The Avengers

Never Seen The Avengers? Time to Start! – After Martha’s just been cast

Another Poptastic ChartLove and Monsters and ELO

Fundamental Opposition – The Pet Shop Boys’ Integral and the Cybermen (more The Age of Steel this time)

I’m With Stupid – The Pet Shop Boys and Rise of the Cybermen

They’ve Just Incinerated Jennie Bond! – A lack of trailers for The Age of Steel

Writing Press Releases the DWM Way

Let the Fun BeginDoctor Who wins BAFTAs

WikimemeDoctor Who anniversaries on my birthday

The Iron Chicken was Robbed – Obsure Dalek reference

Went The Day Well? with Lady Chatterley – Including David Tennant

Whoops, Missed a Week – With Doctor Who and the Ladies in Pink

Life On Mars – Including Doctor Who connections to the first series

A New Blog… And It’s About Time – My Time Team-following blog of the whole of Doctor Who (one tiny step at a time)

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