Monday, March 26, 2007


Two Worlds Will Collide

Exactly (glances at watch) two years ago tonight, Doctor Who returned to our screens in a blaze of success with Rose.

In exactly five days’ time, it’ll be back again, when Doctor ‘John Smith’ will meet Martha Jones.

In the meantime, look out for how Martha’s and the Doctor’s worlds collide in the trailers
“I battle with my textbooks…”
“I battle with monsters.”
“I try to save money…”
“I try to save the Universe.”
“I’m going to be a doctor…”
“I am the Doctor.”
“Well – let’s hope this box is big enough for the both of us.”
“I need a guy who’s smart…”
“Suit and trainers works for me.”
“Who likes travelling…”
“I’ve been round the block a few times.”
“Who has a big heart…”
“Two of those, actually.”
“And someone who can make the time.”
“Ah! Now that’s my speciality.”
I’m excited.

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Much excitement here at Fawcett/Bowring Towers too!
Splendid! I take it you’ve (advertising feature) gone out early to pick up both versions of the new Radio Times, then been careful not actually to read them for fear of spoilers, as the lovely Richard’s just done?
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