Sunday, June 24, 2007


The Future Isn’t Tangerine

Commentators are saying Alan Johnston should feel robbed, but no. Not only was the counting method as fair as you can get under Labour’s bizarre system of ‘one person, potentially several votes, some worth a thousand times as much as others’, but there’s another failed candidate who has every right to feel peeved – not with the electoral system, but the voters. Harriet Harman is a vain, pontificating, hypocritical opportunist who won by saying anything to get elected, despite her actions in government… So tangerine-toned turncoat Peter Hain must be crying, ‘It should have been me!’ Tragically, he was annihilated by all the other candidates except the mini-me avatar of Tony Blair put up for the Labour Party to give the good kicking they never dared deliver to his face.

Curiously, my eyes remain dry.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


The Statler and Waldorf Guide To ID Cards

Very Junior Minister With Special Responsibility For Paperclips And Being A Nasty Piece of Work Liam Byrne has made a starry-eyed pronouncement about the Labour Government’s second-favourite useless, extortionate, intrusive, unworkable fiasco (obviously, Iraq remains ahead by a long way), claiming that ID Cards and the National Identity Register will become a “great British institution” for the Twenty-First Century.

Alex, from armchair:
“Some of us prefer not to live in institutions.”
Richard, from other armchair:
“Just like workhouses were the great institution of the Nineteenth Century, you great *****.”
“Ho ho ho ho!”
Perhaps the Government is trying to compensate for randomly releasing so many prisoners by turning the entire country into one huge penal institution?

And, yes, I know I’ve not blogged for ages and ages and have promised articles to many people. I’ve not been well, but, fingers crossed, I’m working on it…

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