Tuesday, June 19, 2007


The Statler and Waldorf Guide To ID Cards

Very Junior Minister With Special Responsibility For Paperclips And Being A Nasty Piece of Work Liam Byrne has made a starry-eyed pronouncement about the Labour Government’s second-favourite useless, extortionate, intrusive, unworkable fiasco (obviously, Iraq remains ahead by a long way), claiming that ID Cards and the National Identity Register will become a “great British institution” for the Twenty-First Century.

Alex, from armchair:
“Some of us prefer not to live in institutions.”
Richard, from other armchair:
“Just like workhouses were the great institution of the Nineteenth Century, you great *****.”
“Ho ho ho ho!”
Perhaps the Government is trying to compensate for randomly releasing so many prisoners by turning the entire country into one huge penal institution?

And, yes, I know I’ve not blogged for ages and ages and have promised articles to many people. I’ve not been well, but, fingers crossed, I’m working on it…

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A great British institution....

Isn't that what they said the Dome would be though?
I AM a Great British institution, I will have you know!
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