Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Crooked Coroners Corruption Latest: Legalise Bribery!

Remember the Labour Government’s plan to get rid of embarrassing inquests by removing juries, sacking independent coroners and replacing them with their own compliant coroners? I raised the issue at FPC tonight. Good news: unanimous opposition to Labour’s crooked ‘justice’, and a message from the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Home Affairs team to say they’re against it, too. Bad news: something I’d missed is that the new law allows “remuneration outside the usual pay-grade” for their hand-picked puppet coroners… And, get this – the Government will be able to hold back deciding on the variation until after the verdict. Bribe on delivery! There was a mixture of horror and astonished laughter around the Liberal Democrat Federal Policy Committee table this evening at this incredible piece of news that Labour’s gone the whole hog to banana-republic corruption. How did they ever think they’d get away with this one?

The position taken by the Liberal Democrats in Parliament – with a very strong view from the FPC passed on to them – is that they oppose the proposals on coroners in the ‘Counter-Terrorism Bill’ (though I may try pressing to make sure they’d oppose the whole Bill if this disgusting crooked coroners corruption stays in). There are already some terrorist and serious crime trials in which some evidence is given in camera for national security reasons, and the Lib Dem Parliamentary team will consider some carefully limited and particular circumstances in which the same might apply to coroners’ courts, but they believe there is no possible argument for trials or inquests being held totally in secret. So, the Liberal Democrats will oppose removal of juries, replacement of coroners, coroners’ courts doing their business in secret or any other measures that restrict public access to justice. But do please press any Lib Dem MPs or Peers you know to stiffen their resolve. If you have a Labour MP, you might also ask them just how ashamed they are.

Liberal Democrat Voice has also now taken up the crooked coroners corruption issue.

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