Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Missing Balls Round

Let’s play spot the difference:
So, which is the odd one out, and why?

I can think of three answers.

Want a clue?

It involves some people who are more clueless by the day.

It involves some people who are frightened of their own shadows.

It involves some people who are all mouth and no trousers.

Thought about it? All ready with your answer?

And, of course, it was a trick question. There are three reasons why one of these is the odd one out, but in each case it’s the same one.

The odd one out in each case is opinion polls.

Whoops! I’m wrong. Turns out that people back David Davis’ and the Liberal Democrats’ stance in opinion polls, too. So Mr Brown’s last friend – meaningless reams of numbers – has deserted him. Well, I suppose anyone who’s been watching the economy tank would already know that…

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Its okay, the Smith Institute will come up with some numbers supporting Gordon
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