Monday, June 16, 2008


Those Remaining Gordon Brown Supporters In Full

…Which begs the question: how did he upset Robert Mugabe?

Labour members must be so proud.

Well, they would be if they weren’t all queuing up to back anyone else to hand, anyway.

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OK, so I forgot Bob Spink and Geoff Hoon. But wouldn’t you?
A short and snappy post! Amazing! Well done! ;-)
PS I think Iris Robinson deserves a place in your roll of honour
Thanks, Paul. You’ll recall that, under the terms of our karma-trading scheme, you now have to write a post that’s 3,000 words long ;-)

I did think about the charming Robinsons, but though technically the Reverend Doctor is in retirement, he’s still the person most people think of as ‘the DUP’, so he got the hat-tip.
"under the terms of our karma-trading scheme"

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