Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Crooked Coroners Corruption Dropped… For Today

The BBC brings news that, following their defeat on 42 days, the Labour Government has backed down in the House of Lords on its plans to replace independent coroners with its own hand-picked, paid-by-results stooges sitting in secret to make sure any deaths the Government finds embarrassing are kept quiet. This is fantastic news, as I’ve been quite cross about this for eight months now (including this very morning). However, this time it’s a concession to get their Counter-Terrorism Bill through – so it’ll be back later with other coroners’ “reforms”. Today’s a good day, but keep your eyes peeled…

Thanks to Richard for ringing and telling me!

Update: And to Stuart Douglas, who’s posted a comment to my piece this morning to the same effect.

Meanwhile, I’ve been joining in with the latest debate on everyone’s favourite new spot for intemperate arguments on Liberalism, Irfan Ahmed’s blog.

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"everyone’s favourite new spot for intemperate arguments on Liberalism"

Woe! I tried to start an intemperate argument about Liberalism and everyone was very fair and reasonable, even when I was snappy with them. I'll just never be as coooool as Irfan.
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