Friday, November 28, 2008


Doctor Who 45th Anniversary – Why Was 1975 Brilliant?

Packed with great stories, this is possibly Doctor Who’s most brilliant year: three-year-old me starts watching with Tom Baker’s debut story, Robot; The Ark In Space and The Sontaran Experiment give me wonderful far-future nightmares; Terror of the Zygons brings the best-ever one-off monster; deep space Planet of Evil and historical Pyramids of Mars pleasurably terrify me; even The Doctor Who Monster Book is published. And some say the Time War starts with:

Genesis of the Daleks
“Yes… I would do it. That power would set me up above the gods! And through the Daleks, I shall have that power!”
A superbly filmed and scored war story, peppered with enthralling speeches. Perhaps the Doctor’s sharpest moral dilemma is whether to destroy the Daleks at their birth, but this is essentially the story of Davros, a fascist with depth and intelligence, who engineers his own destruction.

The most-repeated, most-released Doctor Who story of all, it’s not hard to track this one down, whether it’s second-hand copies of the several editions of the VHS, the book, the script book or the 60-minute audio version I played constantly on LP, then cassette, now CD (did anyone record the 90-minute edit they showed in the ’80s? I’d like to see that) – and, of course, the DVD, two discs filled with documentary goodies. It’s one of the best ones to buy, either on its own or in the Davros Collection.

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Woe! Woe! And thrice Woe! Why didn't you put this on LJ? And then I could have used one of my "I love Davros" icons!
The Prologue...

Because I have 12 posts on LJ and, in a few minutes' time, 368 on here ;-)

But all is not lost - and I'd love to see your Davros - as, if you subscribe to the 'alexwilcock' LJ feed, which duplicates this blog, you can comment and illustrate there!

Though I like the last one of Terry best - the one you use twice isn't very flattering. I always think that shot looks like Davros' granny ;-) The best captions, though, so you pays yer money...

Now I must crawl to bed and hope my evil pre-posting work is done.
I made another one with the caption "Achievement comes through ABSOLUTE POWER!!!!" too, with the "trundling down the corridor flanked by black daleks" still from Necros, but I don't have that on my list any more. A couple of my friends still use it though.

(worryingly, the prove-you're-a-human letters for this comment are "hymen")
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