Monday, December 29, 2008


Doctor Who 45th Anniversary – Why Was 1985 Brilliant?

More monsters, still more vivid villains and rich themes: cannibalism, transformation and television feasting on itself. Vengeance on Varos anticipates reality TV with an irresistible new villain; Colin Baker’s passionate Doctor is interested in everything, soaring when paired with Patrick Troughton against a chef fancying best end of Jamie in The Two Doctors (also, with The Myth Makers, an outstanding novelisation). In the comics, the Doctor’s having more hallucinatory adventures with an occasional penguin. And the postmodernism hits a stylish climax in…

Revelation of the Daleks
“Bring that woman to me. And while you are there, destroy that prattling DJ!”
Hobbies at the funeral parlour: sex, bitching, voyeurism and building armies of whited sepulchre Daleks. Hugely influential, this blazes with pitch-black humour, pop culture and the utter horror of ‘immortality’. Of many fabulous guest stars, Davros’ cackling and tempting steals the show (and your relatives).

Though this was one of the very few Twentieth Century Who TV stories never novelised, it’s been released twice on VHS and twice on DVD (complete with extras like documentaries and new effects), each second time in a Davros box set. The DVD Davros box set’s particularly worth buying, as it includes a mass of audio stories too, and several places are selling it for half price or less right now… Audio Who giant Big Finish is the best bargain as I write, offering it at £40 instead of £100.

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