Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Doctor Who 45th Anniversary – Why Was 1987 Brilliant?

Sylvester McCoy is the Doctor in a series that’s brightly coloured and inspired by comics and modern life. Dragonfire brings streetwise new companion Ace and a host of film references (from zombies to noirish love and betrayal, and a villain’s horrible death from Indiana Jones), but I particularly love…

Paradise Towers
“Are these old ladies annoying you?”
“Are you annoying these old ladies?”
“No, she isn’t! …And I do wish you wouldn’t keep breaking down our door to ‘save’ us.”
“That’s the third time we’ve had it repaired, and it’s not as if we’ve ever been in any trouble!”
A scintillating script and grimy sets make good, old-fashioned Doctor Who inventive again – no longer in a stylised English village, but a stylised tower block. Bureaucracy gone mad, urban gang warfare, cannibal Mary Whitehouse types who’ll do anything to maintain their lifestyle… It’s a scream!

This one’s not out on DVD yet, so it’s worth tracking down the novelisation or the VHS… Rather disconcertingly, I once met the author through his ex, who was my ex’s disturbing landlord (‘with hilarious results’).

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